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☀ Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror
Canon: Middle Earth

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☀ [name] Þórir Þráinsson Þórsson | Thorir T. Thorsson
☀ [age] 53
☀ [occupation] Co-owner of THORSSON's hardware, one of the largest local businesses in Locke with three stores.
☀ [residence] Above the main store together with his wife, two of his kids, his nephewsFilbert and Killian and sometimes parents; they have two dogs, a Newfoundland and a Leonberger. Also: One of his daughters and her family live in the same building.
The family tree. Also a timeline of cast history.
☀ Looks: A few grey strands in his hair that is typically in a ponytail and shorter than in canon; 2m tall; leaner than his dwarf self, but otherwise like he looks in the icons. He tends to wear knitted Icelandic sweaters and jeans or fabric pants.
☀ Note: Thorir has had absolutely no talent for anything music for all his life, but as of February has pulsed back his singing voice. His sense of orientation is pretty bad (he still gets lost in Locke easily after all those years).
☀ [reincarnated history]
Þórir's family is of Icelandic descent. Unusually for Scandinavians, and partly due to a history of stubborn-as-fuck members who were insanely proud of their heritage, but also partly due to very strong ties being kept to their homeland (Thorir's uncle moved back to Iceland, as did two of his siblings, though contact has been lost with one of them, and the rest of their relatives never emigrated; Thorir's wife is a first generation immigrant that he met when he worked in London), much of that has survived. While partly on a very basic levels, most members of the family still speak Icelandic, the names still reflect their heritage fully, they visit the remaining family there regularly, and so on. Due to the different naming system in America, the family has opted to keep the Patronymic that the first immigrant, Thorir's grandfather, supplied as a last name and insert the proper patronymics and/or matronymics as middle names. Similarly, their passports show their names in American letters, but inside the family those names are spelled with Icelandic ones to keep up traditions. So while Thorir would give his real name as Þórir Þráinsson Þórsson, for people outside of the family he is Thorir T. Thorsson. A good number of friends and other social contacts have nicknamed him Thor.

Þórir was the first of four children born to his -then very young- parents, Þráinn and Björk, in 1960. Both of them worked in the hardware shop of Þráinn's father, a flourishing business which not only sold items but also included a smithy and did rough leatherwork. Over the years, a slow handing over from Þor to Þrainn took place, and by the time that Þórir started high school, the place belonged to Þráinn and Björk while Þór and his wife only occasionally helped out, same as the children. It had been clear from a young age that Þórir would take over the business after his father, and he had always made a bit of pocket money helping there...

But then he was scouted right out of high school by a model scout. Being close to two metres tall and due to the work in the store rather well ripped, and just generally a handsome piece of man, he quickly became one of the most sought-after male models in his new home of London. He lived like that for a couple of years, traveled Europe and also a bit of the rest of the world on the job, and met among others Gabriel , who became a frequent colleague and a rather good friend of him, and a female fellow model called Mardís. When Þórir's and Mardís's stars started to sink, they returned to Þórir's homeland and started working in his father's business while Þórir completed his formal education and Mardís studied accounting.

Not too long after, children happened: Þorkell, in 1986, Ragna and Inger in 1987, Birgir in 1990 and Albin and Jón in 1999. Due to Locke not being such a cheap place, only Þorkell, who lives in New York, and Ragna, who moved back to Iceland for university and stayed, have moved out. Inger and her boyfriend live with their two 4-year-olds and one one-year-old in Þór and his wife's old apartment above the smithy which is located adjacent to the main building housing store, offices and the family's living space (this comes with practical babysitting services...). Birgir, Jón and Albin simply still have their rooms, though Birgir is rarely at home because she travels a lot (she and her soon-to-be-fiancée, Keira, are however planning to find an apartment for themselves). About two weeks before Thorir accesses the network first, Filbert, his nephew, moved in with the family. Þráinn and Björk live in the house as well when they are in the area, but just like Birgir they like to travel when health and temperatures suggest it...

In 2001, the ownership of the hardware shop shifted formally to Þórir and Mardís. When the children started to fly out, they reopened the smithy that Þráinn had shut down, and started doing custom orders with leather, metal and sometimes semiprecious stones on the side of running the ordinary hardware shop that was more and more just selling things. They have done a fair amount of ren-fair and larp things over the years, but never quite specialized in the area. Very recently, that part of the store has expanded slight as a new part-timer, [personal profile] youngestone, had brought jewelry-making skills into the mix.

Even more recently, it not only turned out that Killian is his nephew, and then Hjalti, Killian's long lost father, showed up. Meanwhile, all his friends and parts of his family are turning out to be numbered.

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Þórir Þráinsson Þórsson | Thorir T. Thorsson