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The general family

[The generations flip in the middle where Keira/Birgir and Thorkell/Anna are connected, below that children are listed above their parents]

Birgir and Keira are currently traveling the world together. They are engaged and announced wedding plans around Christmas 2014.
Eliot and Gabriel are in Teagan's inner circle of friends.
The same is true for them and Thorir, though Thorir, his wife and Eliot also basically co-parented their nine children after the death of Eliot's wife.
Teagan and Thorir get along because their businesses need each other, and not more than that.
Eliot is Aaron's godparent, Gabriel is Ariel's.

The Ryan Family (Killian's maternal side)
The Darens family (Filbert's paternal side)
Percell/Dorian family (Eliot's family)

Þórir -> Thorin
Filbert -> Fili
Killian -> Kili (dropped)
Teagan -> Thranduil (dropped)
Eliot -> Elrond (dropped)
Aaron -> Aragorn (reapped)
Gabriel -> Glorfindel
Hjalti -> Dwalin (dropped)
Ariel -> Tauriel (dropped)
Liam -> Legolas
Caleb -> Celeborn (never apped)

Other connections:
- Sho, whom Killian is currently living with, used to date Inger.

If anyone, Tolkien or not, wants to be a part of this mess, talk to us and we'll see if something can be worked out!